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Introduction: Arastu Dental Clinic was established in 2011, to ensure the best dental treatment to all of its patients. Through a successful online presence clinics already set their mark in it’s origin city
What Our Client Wanted: Overcoming Demographic Challenges: Boosting Clinic Admissions in Aashta. Our client sought increased visitation from nearby towns, tackling a unique demographic hurdle for his small district clinic.
Adapt: At Vistaar Web X we adapted to these challenges – Adapt: With the thought in mind about the demographic challenge, Vistaar created a hyper-local language social media page for more conversion.
Innovate with time: The Arastu website is completely user-friendly, we created an innovative social media page for better engagement with patient-centric ads.
Delivered the Desire: Vistaar believes in delivering the best to its clients. For Arastu our team applies simple yet innovative strategies, to achieve the best outcome.
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