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Vistaar Webx is your one-stop tailored destination for all your branding needs. Be it Website development or social media management, Vistaar is a creative branding agency that works concurrently with your organization to enrich the brand and expand business affairs.


We aim to provide innovative and effective integrated brand marketing and website solutions that help our clients to grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals. We help our clients to achieve sustainable business growth through market intelligence, creativity, and strategic vision. We work to ease digital handling for businesses and help them to grow at their comfort.

The Inception of Vistaar

The foundation of Vistaar was led by Mr. Sanskaar Singh, A man on a mission to make the best branding solutions company in our nation. Mr. Singh got inclined towards photography and designing which later he turned into his profession.
He then moved towards digital marketing and started delivering unpaid services to NGOs, after which Mr. Singh attempted the Engineering Services (ES) examinations, but could not succeed in the interview round. This unfortunate setback led to the foundation of Vistaar WebX. The idea of Vistaar strikes him and along with the guidance of Chandrakishore Suryawanshi the notion turned into reality. Mr. Yash Agrawal and Miss Srishti Bhatnagar were the two prominent benefactors.

Our team

With more than seven years of experience in the field of branding, Sanskaar Singh founded Vistaar WebX in the year 2020, with a vision to provide the best Branding and Digital Marketing solutions!

Sanskaar Singh

Founder / CEO

A keen observer, dog lover, and a passionate writer. I am a fun loving person, who enjoys to explore the magic of writing. I have been content writer for the past 3 years and has curated content for various sectors, from entertainment to health tech.

Tarishi Shrivastava

Content Manager

I am an MBA postgraduate and worked in the private sector for more than five years. Professionally, I am a skilled marketer and was a founder of a startup having rich understanding of innovation, market research, analyses of data, numbers, and competitors. Personally, I'm a self-motivational person who is friendly, dedicated, and a strong team player.

Kartik Shau

B.D. Manager

I am Aniket and I thrive on exploring new creative ideas. I've got a strong mindset that every designer needs! The best part about me- I love exploring new people and places for my personal growth!!

Aniket Verma

Sr Designer

A passionate web developer and tech enthusiast. I've always been fascinated by technology, and I'm constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. When I'm not working, I enjoy reading tech blogs, watching documentaries, and attending conferences and meetups. I thrive on challenges and love finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Naman Mandliya

Web Developer

A old-school learner, writer by passion and always enthusiastic about fashion, Anime, sneakers and motorcycles. I enjoy working in every aspect of digital marketing and digital content.

Vishwesh Chowdhary

Content Head

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself

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